6 years of experience

About Grant Landreth

Hello, my name is Grant I am the founder of AdonisFit and the Lead Trainer. I have trained men, women, and children in multiple areas including but not limited to: military fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, power lifting, strength and conditioning, youth and adult martial arts (kickboxing, jui jitsu, etc.), and more. Here at AdonisFit we will become a family not just trainer/trainee. I'm always available to be contacted so don't hesitate and lets find a plan for you right away.

(NPTA) Certified Personal Trainer
(NPTA) Certified Advanced Personal Trainer
(NPTA) Fitness Nutritionist

AdonisFit Trainers

  • The Trainers here at AdonisFit are all hand selected highly qualified trainers.
  • Trainers maintain the highest level of motivation and inspiration.
  • All trainers are required to maintain a fitness lifestyle of their own.
  • Each trainer has at least 1 year of training experience.
  • All trainers can be contacted at anytime and will respond within 24 hours of any request.
  • Trainers are to be your ROLE MODELS!!!